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I came, and came, and came, screaming out "MOM" over and over, as my orgasm blew me away.

And looking at Amy, it looked like to me that she'd gained at least a half cup size since Christmas, her perky B cups replaced by solid Cs.

We can let this split us apart, or all four of us can play together, and you and I stay married.

Since she'd driven up, I volunteered to drive back.

" Mom stopped licking me, looked up and actually laughed at him.

At least show me the respect to be honest about that, and not apologize for something you're just going to do again." "You're right, Mom.

She'd found a pack of condoms in my room at Thanksgiving, so I know she was aware I was having sex, but this?

I swallowed hard, before answering, "A few dates here and there, mom, nobody special, and nobody I wanted to take to bed.

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