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Malays speak Sri Lanka Malay, a Creole language mixing Sinhala, Tamil and Malay.

Many of the Burghers speak Sri Lankan Indo-Portuguese although its use has declined and the majority now speak Sinhala.

Most Sinhalese are Buddhist; most Tamils are Hindu; and the Moors and Malays are mostly Muslim.

Of the 18,615,577 aged 5 or over, 499,563 (2.7%) had received a higher education qualification, 2,293,841 (12.3%) had passed G. Another 75,000 Indian Tamils, who themselves or whose parents once applied for Indian citizenship, now wish to remain in Sri Lanka.

The Burgher population is mostly Roman Catholic or Presbyterian. The 1978 constitution, while assuring freedom of religion, gives "the foremost place" Buddhism.

Sinhala, an Indo-European language, is the first language of the Sinhalese.

According to the constitution Sinhala and Tamil are official languages whilst English is the link language.

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