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I lie awake, making a mental list of things I have to do.

So I watch a little porn, masturbate, and fall asleep.

We’ve split everything, even the tiniest thing, so far.

I invite him to the variety show I am performing in.

This week, a freelance writer who hikes weekly and wonders what’s up with the older man she’s seeing: single, straight, Bushwick. But not being on any apps also meant that I am constantly the only single friend in my circle. He is Portuguese-American and much older, between the age of 39 and 45, I’m actually not sure. He has an adventurous spirit and seems to know what he wants. He has tight, curly hair that he gathers at his nape. In fact, I mentioned man buns and he has never heard of them. I have the temperament for a long-term, committed relationship, but things have never worked out. Lunch is going well and we enjoy the unseasonably warm weather.

I’m angry that he makes it sound like he’s making concessions for me.

He says no, but to please let him know if it gets later than that.

The most casual hand off of keys in the history of dating.

He gives me the keys to his apartment so that I don’t have to wait next time. I come out of the shower and see he has candlelit the entire place.

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