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However its stalled because reviewers think we should allow both types to be chosen (Like we do with tiff images.Doing so is not super complicated - but still more than the 10 minutes that it would take to change jpg-OK. Scanned PDFs are usually bitonal, and practically all PDFs have a lot of sharp edges, so that JPEG is not much more "efficient" in terms of file size, but produces quite distracting artifacts (especially for scanned PDFs with speckles).

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I have a feeling that this is just a nothing, but is there something I did wrong here that I'm missing? talk , 5 December 2012 (UTC) The author of the photograph denies the obvious chromatic aberrations in QI photo — [1]. If the notes are reverted it may mean that the author has seen the notes, but maybe does not agree that it is a problem. If most of them are promoted anyway, you may want to adjust you promotion bar, if most of them are declined, you probably have a point. I made an example at User: Rillke/imagenote-sandbox. It is not a very popular Twitter account so there is no urgency to starting this now, because we are not losing audience by failing to use this service.Photographs of old artworks that are in the public domain are OK. JPG", the uploader "Bitopan Gogoi" may scanned the image and thereafter modified it. But one thing at last, I guess it may be a public domain photo in India.The photograph that I think may be a problem is "File: Ahom Dregon. The uploader claimed it was his or her own work, but because of the pattern of dots it looks like a scan of a picture from a book or magazine. — SMUconlaw (talk) , 4 December 2012 (UTC)Thanks to all. Actually this photo was in the scope of Assamese wikipedia photo completion, so I just transferred it to commons. Because the photo is too old and now it is under public domain.Category: Books in Spanish, again all I'm seeing is the first page.Simon Burchell (Well, I can get a particular page to display as a thumb image, but what I was really after was that, when looking at the preview in a category or clicking into the file itself, a predetermined page shows instead of the front page.

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