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We so rarely understand ourselves, let alone others.” The narrator in The Odious Child is more interested in playing what she calls “the neighbour game,” making plans for a wine and cheese party and attempting to keep the feral child from disturbing people in her building.It’s significant that the narrator’s problems with the odious child take place against a backdrop of a police overreaction to a demonstration, which appears to be modelled after Toronto’s G20 experience.

This activity was introduced to me by Thomas, from Austria. Students make two groups that will be facing each other but quite far away one from the other.

An almost drugged passivity runs through the stories. Even fewer seem to have what we might think of as normal emotional responses.

After all, the woman in “Serial Love” decides to go on a date with the potential serial killer, reasoning that if she is “willing” she’ll be safe.

In groups of 3 people, one person in each group sits backing the blackboard.

There the teacher will write a word that the members will have to describe.

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