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“If we can divide—or what you would call separation of Church and State—then we can dwell together more effectively because atheists, agnostics, Jews, all types of people, Muslims, pay into the government.

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When asked if his position on homosexuality has “evolved,” Jakes agreed that it has. “I think that where I am is to better understand we, the church, bought into the myth that this is a Christian nation.” Earlier this year, the U. Supreme Court ruled that states must legalize same-sex “marriage,” igniting a battle between the Church and State over the issue.In his comments on Monday, Jakes advocated for the separation of Church and State, which would allow for “all types of people” to have whatever rights they desire despite biblical prohibitions.He said that politics don’t need to be based on Christianity.“[O]nce you get past [thinking America is a Christian nation] …Once you begin to understand that democracy—that a republic actually—is designed to be an overarching system to protect our unique nuances, then we no longer look for public policy to reflect biblical ethics,” Jakes explained.

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