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Though they have not been banded or tracked, we can be fairly certain that they are the same birds as in past years because ospreys return reliably to the same nest site.They began building this nest years ago, but they continue to build and make renovations. In the first year, a nest is usually built up to about 2.5 feet in diameter and 3-6 inches deep, but over the years it can grow to 3-6 feet in diameter and 10-13 feet deep. The basic structure of sticks is often decorated with bark, sod, grass, algae, and other items, sometimes including discarded fishing gear that can be harmful to osprey chicks.Get a front-row seat on Osprey Cam to watch stars Josie, Elbert, and their chicks through a critical period in osprey life – nesting and fledging season.

Ospreys were once endangered in the US because pesticides like DDT thinned their eggshells to the point that the eggs broke under the weight of an incubating adult.

Adult ospreys can be difficult to tell apart, but there are subtle differences between the sexes.

Josie, the female, is larger and has a brown “necklace” across the white on her chest.

Elbert, the male, is smaller with a plain white breast.

Josie and Elbert have already returned to their nest in Wolf Bay, Alabama.

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